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Disneyland 60th

by lovestalgia

Today was the actual 60th birthday of Disneyland! I was not going to go to either park because I thought it was going to be too crazy and crowded but I looked on the Mousewait app and the crowd index seemed manageable so I decided to take Little A. I’m so glad we did!

Parking was a breeze in the parking structure. Even the bag check line was nonexistent. We arrived around 11:30am and we had a great time. I mainly went for the experience and for the many photo ops that were available. Even though Little A will not really remember any of it, she will have these pictures to look back on.

While we waited to take a picture at the front entrance, Princess Ariel came to start her photo session and she ended up sitting right next to Little A. Little A was so excited but also shy. Princess Ariel is her favorite princess. They chatted about shoes, Micky & Minnie Mouse and how Minnie Mouse makes great cookies.

We walked around Disneyland, got something to drink and took more pictures with the I was There Pin. They had various locations throughout the park to take pictures while holding this sign. They also had a ticket in Tomorrowland that you could hold and take a picture with but we didn’t venture into that land. We also missed the parade and ceremony but it was still exciting to be there!

Afterwards, we went to California Adventures to watch Disney Junior Live on Stage and ride the Ariel ride. We also took some more pictures.

A birthday celebration isn’t a celebration without cake. In honor of it’s 60th birthday, both parks were giving away free cupcakes! If Disneyland gives something away for free, you go find it and get some.

I think Little A enjoyed that cupcake. What do you think?! She devoured the frosting and ate a little bit of the cake. It was so nice of Disneyland to have cupcakes for everyone. At California Adventures, cast members were walking around with trays of it and passing them out!

It was so exciting to be a part of the celebration! I remember going when I was a child and they used to have the ticket booklets. Now I have a child of my own that I can share the magic with. Disneyland is such a magical place and I hope that my daughter will continue to fall in love with the characters as much as I have.

Special edition Disneyland map with what Disneyland looked like back in 1955 and the pin that was given out today.

Did you brave the crowds and attend today’s celebration?

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