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Happy 4th of July

by lovestalgia

The past week and a half, Little A was sick with a cough so we have been taking it easy and not doing much. We did have time to do a little DIY Pinterest inspired handprint flag shirt for the 4th of July.

I first bought a couple of shirts from Target and bought paint and brushes from Michaels. I washed and dried the shirts the day before and then gathered all my supplies (baby wipes, paint, cardboard, plates, paint and brushes). Then I bribed Little A with her iPad and we started our project.

First, I put the piece of cardboard inside the shirt so that the paint wouldn’t seep through. While I was trying to take pictures, Little A decided to help me get the paint ready. Thank God it was the white one. She ended up opening it and smearing the white glitter paint on the shirt. I actually liked the way it turned out because it gave the shirt a nice sparkly background.

I never put paint on Little A’s hands before so she was apprehensive about getting it all over her fingers. I had to actually put her in my lap and also put paint on my hand before she would let me paint her hand.

I put paint on her left hand and stamped it quickly onto the shirt before she could wiggle it any more than she did. Make sure to put lots of paint on there so it will show up. It’s also a good idea to do a few practice rounds on paper which I didn’t do.

I fixed the hand print with a small paint brush. I also took the red paint and painted the stripes in. It’s best to dab the paint instead of using brush strokes because the shirt drags.

I liked the way it turned out! We might make one every year and compare her handprints! It was fun to make and a nice little holiday activity.


Do you have a favorite 4th of July activity?

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Kathy @ Mom Wife Woman July 5, 2015 - 9:15 pm

This is so ridiculously cute! Little A looks adorable in her creation. 🙂

lovestalgia July 5, 2015 - 11:02 pm

Thank you Kathy! You should make it next year with your boys!


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