What’s in My Diaper Bag?

Now that Little A is a full on toddler, the things I carry in my diaper bag are different than when she was younger. You would think that it would be less but I feel like I have to carry more things around!

Fawn Design Bag– I recently got this bag when they restocked and I am in love! I love how it’s functional yet stylish. It’s also quite roomy. I’ll have to do a review of it at another time. Every since Little A started walking, I have been carrying a backpack as a diaper bag. It keeps my hands free so that if I need to chase after her or carry her, it’s easy to do so..

Snacks– I carry tons of snacks. I know everyone has their opinions about snacking and kids but when your toddler is hungry, you need to give them something. I carry anything from crackers, pretzels, cheese, fruit, and juice. I never know when I’ll need to have something on hand to feed her so I make sure my bag is fully stocked.

Diapers & Wipes–  haven’t potty trained Little A yet so I still carry diapers and wipes. I love the diapers from Target’s Up&Up brand. We’ve never had any issues or leakage with them. The wipes of choice are Honest Company’s wipes. I love how they are fragrance free, strong, and not too wet.

Crayons, Paper, Stickers, Trains, Puzzles– I make sure I have some crayons, paper and stickers for Little A to draw, color or use so that when we are at a restaurant or have to wait somewhere, she has something to do. There’s nothing worse than a toddler with nothing to do- they will find something to do and it’s usually trouble so I make sure I have something on hand to keep her engaged. She usually carries some of her Thomas the Train trains with her into the car so she always has those in hand. I also keep a simple puzzle or matching game from the Target Dollar Spot with me. You can never have too much to keep your toddler occupied!

Change of Clothes– I still pack a change of clothes because I just don’t know if she will get whatever outfit she is wearing dirty or ripped from running around or falling on the ground.

Miscellaneous– I make sure I carry sunscreen, hat, and a little first aid kit which consists of an assortment of bandaids, hand sanitizer and neosporin to go. Since Little A loves to run around, I never know when I might need to patch up a little boo-boo.

What are some things that you carry in your diaper bag?


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