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Have you heard of the The Mother Company?  It’s a company founded by two moms that provide resources for parents to raise their children well. They have quality programing, books, and parenting advice to nurture the social and emotional well being of children. I love their tagline- Helping parents raise good people. How awesome is that!

During the month of June, The Mother Company is hosting FREE family events at a few Target locations in the LA area. We had the opportunity to attend the special story time event with Ruby from Ruby’s Studio this past weekend. Ruby is the star of Ruby’s Studio which is a show created by The Mother Company where children learn about different topics that relate to them such as feelings, safety, siblings, and friendship. Such important topics for kids to learn! The stories and books also cover these topics and it’s presented in a way where children can understand through relatable characters. My Little A enjoyed the stories so much we had to check out the selection of books that were on sale at Target.

We picked out Miles is the Boss of His Body and even got it autographed by Ruby herself! We loved this story about how we are in charge of our bodies and we don’t have to do anything or have anything done to us if we don’t want. It reminded me of this article which empowers kids to take charge of their own bodies which I feel is such an important topic about respecting ourselves and others’ personal boundaries. We also got to take a picture with her! My Little A was definitely star-struck.

The girls enjoyed their gift bags which included these cute “reading” glasses and delicious organic snacks from Fruigees, Barnana, and Matt’s Munchies. They also had samples from Morning Glory Confections and Coolhaus!

We even met Bullseye!

We also got to meet Abbie Schiller, the CEO and founder of The Mother Company and chatted with her about her amazing company. We were so impressed with what they stand for and what they’ve created. These books and DVDs are great starting points for important discussions with your kids about staying safe, what to do with some big feelings such as frustration, jealousy, being left out, anger, and personal boundaries. I can’t wait to add more books and watch the shows with my preschooler!

In light of some of the tragic things that are happening constantly around us, I am thankful for resources like this for parents to help their kids to be better. We can’t control what happens in the world. We can only control how we raise our kids and the things that are in our little world. But hopefully the little things we do in the lives of our little ones can make a huge impact by raising children to love, have compassion, have empathy, know how to control their frustrations and anger, and just be better.

Thank you The Mother Company and Target for having us! We had such a great time and can’t wait for more amazing events and resources to help our children become good people! Have you heard about The Mother Company or Ruby’s Studio? Check them out and tell me what you think!


4 responses to “Ruby for Target”

  1. ajangsley says:

    What a neat event and you described it so well! Nicely done. 🙂

  2. Shahla says:

    Thank you for sharing this, Sally! Sounds like a great event and wonderful company. Personal note: we’ve had a hard time explaining boundaries and personal space and haven’t found a book I love. So this just sounds perfect!

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