Why You Need to Try SKYN BOX

Skincare is always a topic of interest within my circle of friends. It’s one of the things we all notice if someone’s skin looks younger, healthier, or better. Taking care of my skin has been something that I’ve made a conscious effort to keep up with ever since I was in college. I don’t have sensitive skin so I’m able to try out different products without any issues. But I would always come back to Korean skin care products. It’s not just because I am Korean but I think they really have some innovative products!

What makes Korean skincare different or better? It’s too much to go into for this post but it’s a process made up of 8-10 steps. The focus is to layer products to keep skin hydrated and moisturized. Just do a google search on Korean beauty or Korean skincare and you’ll find hundreds of articles and posts. You can read more up on it on SKYN BOX’s blog! It can be a little overwhelming and confusing to try to figure out what products to get or try.  That’s where SKYN BOX comes in! SKYN BOX makes things so easy for you by providing products that they feel good about recommending! It’s almost like a friend telling you what products are good because they used it themselves.

I purchased the Dry Mini Premium Box and got the Dry Sheet Mask Premium Box. The Mini Box contains all the skin care products you need for soft, supple skin for your day time and night time routine. The Sheet Mask Box contains 5 sheet masks to help brighten and hydrate your skin. I can honestly say that I see a huge difference in the way my skin feels and looks after using K-skincare and masks versus when I don’t use it. Using a mask every week or two masks every week really helps your skin maintain that youthful glow.

Why should you try SKYN BOX?

Will you try out SKY BOX? You won’t regret it!


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