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Ju-Ju-Be Black and Bloom + Gingham Style Print Comparisons

by lovestalgia

Hi Everyone! I’m back after a few weeks off to show you the latest Ju-Ju-Be print that’s launching on March 6th! It is the perfect print for Spring and Summer! Introducing Black and Bloom, Gingham Style and Gingham Bloom- a gorgeous floral print and cute gingham print that’s a part of the Onyx Collection. Pictures do not do justice to how amazing this print is! You can check out the Ju-Ju-Be’s Pinterest page to see the whole line.

Be Set in Black and Bloom

The Be Set in Black and Bloom is absolutely gorgeous! The colorful flowers are set on a black background with accents of yellow, white, gray, light blue and pink. The lining for the large and small set pieces is gingham. The medium set piece is in the Gingham Style print with the matching short strap. The lining is a vibrant magenta color which matches the flowers on the front of Black and Bloom. This beautiful floral print is even more vibrant in real life and the black hardware is perfection!

I LOVE using the large piece as a purse. The medium one is great for A’s snacks or toys. The small one holds a variety of things such as medicine, bandaids, lipstick. It’s so useful!

Print Comparisons of Black and Bloom

I’ve compared Black and Bloom with various Ju-Ju-Be set pieces to see if you need to add this print to your collection.

Blooming Romance &  Rosy Posy

Sea Punk & Toki Pops

UKK 2.0 & Rainbow Dreams

Dot Dot Dot & Amethyst Ice

Rainbow Dreams & Hello Friends

Rad Hearts & Happy Hearts

Print Comparisons with Black and Bloom and Gingham Style

Black Matrix

Duchess & Black Out

Royal Garden & Black Magic

First Lady & Black Petals

Electric Black & Cute But Deadly

Sweet Scarlet & Super Toki

Dream World & Donutella Sweet Shop

Sushi Cars

Comparing the lining with Blooming Romance

Print Comparisons With Bags

I compared Black and Bloom with some of the bigger bags in my collection. I think it pairs will with so many prints! What do you think?

Black Matrix Super Be

Happy Hearts Super Be

Duchess Be Supplied

Dot Dot Dot BRB


Black Magic BRB

XY Collection Clone in Gray Matter

Black and Bloom will come in the following bag styles: B.F.F., Be Nurtured, BRB, Super Star, Super Be, Be Light, Hobobe, Be Set, Mini Be, Mega Tech, Micro Tech, Be Neat, Fuel Cell, Be Ready, Be Dry, Be Quick, Change Pad, Messenger Strap, and Paci Pod.

Gingham Style will come in the following bag styles: BRB, Be Packed, Be Sporty, Be Supplied, Be Light, Starlet, Fuel Cell, Mini Be, Be Quick, Change Pad, Messenger Strap and Paci Pod.

Gingham Bloom is a print which combines Black and Bloom with Gingham Style! It will be available in the following styles: Be Prepared, B.F.F. and BRB.

Black and Bloom and Gingham Style is launching March 6th on Ju-Ju-Be and select retail locations. Gingham Style will be available at specialty boutiques on March 5th. Trunk show lists will be available soon so check my Facebook page or Ju-Ju-Be’s website for more info!

What’s on your shopping list?

You can shop all Ju-Ju-Be through my affiliate link!

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Carissa Holmes February 24, 2018 - 1:37 pm

I love them all great blog post thanks for sharing

lovestalgia February 24, 2018 - 5:20 pm

Thanks Carissa for reading!!


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