Ju-Ju-Be Accessories: Be Shady, Be Moved and Be Switched First Look

Here’s an up close at some accessories that Ju-Ju-Be will be coming out with on 4/3. Introducing two inserts for bags- Be Switched and Be Moved and a sunglasses case- Be Shady!

Be Switched, Be Moved, and Be Shady

Be Shady

The Be Shady is a sunglass case that will come in either Duchess or Black Magic. It retails for $18. The interior is black with a grey cleaning cloth included. It fits my Quay It’s My Way sunglasses which are oversized. It is a hard case so your glasses will be safe!

Be Switched

The Be Switched is the smaller of the two (Switched starts with S for small!) It will come in Monarch. It will retail for $35.

It comes with pockets on the outside and interior mesh pockets.

There’s nothing inside the be light other than the insert. I did “puffed” it out so it will stand but it’s not stiff and would probably fall without anything inside if the wind blew.

I did try it in a few other tall bags. It does not fit well in a MiniBe.

Be Switched inside a MiniBe

Be Switched inside a Be Sporty

Be Switched inside a Be Packed

Be Switched inside a BRB

Be Switched in a Helix

Be Light with Be Switched insert, on the body. Nothing is inside the bag other than the insert.

Be Moved

The Be Moved is the bigger of the two inserts and is perfect for the Super Be. (Moved starts with M for More!). It will retail for $50 and will come in Monarch. 

The Be Moved is best suited for the Super Be. I did not try it inside any other bag because it’s too big.

Super Be with Be Moved inside, on the body. There is nothing inside the bag other than the insert.

You can purchase these on 4/3 at 12am pst. Will you be buying anything? As always, you can use my affiliate link!


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