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Graduation Gift Book Ideas For Kids

by lovestalgia

Before I had my daughter, I remember seeing this idea on Pinterest where you give your child’s teacher a book to sign throughout grades K-12 and then give that book to your child when they graduate from high school! I remember thinking ” I’m TOTALLY going to do that when I have a kid.”

 So once A started preschool, I looked around for books. I was going to use “Oh, The Places You’ll Go” but I decided to get a different one. There are so many options for inspirational graduation books as your child starts a new chapter of their life. It was hard to choose but I decided on this one “Wherever You Go.”

Tips for the Graduation Gift Book:

  • Pick an inspirational book at least a few months before your child’s school year ends. I didn’t send A to school until she was in preschool. And even though I homeschool her, she still has a teacher she goes to for enrichment academy. I knew I wanted to do this keepsake for her so I planned ahead and purchased books, looked at them and then wrote a little note for her teacher to read.
  • Use post-its where you want your child’s teacher to sign. I started with Pre-K and put a post it on the page I wanted her teachers to write a note. If your child has multiple teachers for a grade, then make sure you allow space for that.

  • Leave space for you and your significant other or other special people to write notes for your child. There’s space in the book at the very beginning and also at the end for other special people to write a note in the book for A. I know her favorite aunt will want to write something as well as myself and her dad.
  • Take a picture of your child with the teacher to put in the book later. I took a picture of A with her teacher at the end of the year so that I can print it out and put it into the book next to the note so that she can remember her teacher.
  • It’s never to late to start on this keepsake! Even if you’ve already missed a few years of their elementary school years, you can still start this tradition with your child. When it comes down to it, it’s really the thought that counts and I’m sure your child will love whatever you do.

Book Options

Here are some books I found that would make a great graduation gift. (Affiliate links)

 Have you heard of this idea? Did you do it for your child? Will you do it?

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