Jujube Coastal Collection Part2

By now if you’re a fan of Jujube bags, you probably purchased a lot from the Coastal Collection last month. Did you see some of the sneak peeks of the two prints that they are adding on April 20th? If not, here they are- Annapolis and Cape Cod. Annapolis is the same navy blue as the other bags in the Coastal Collection while Cape Cod is a bright red color.

Cape Cod vs. Other Jujube Reds

Below you will find some comparison pictures of Cape Cod with other red Jujube bags I own. I’ve also included pictures of Annapolis next to the other bags in the Coastal Collection. Now the big question is, if I already own a lot of bags from the Coastal Collection, do I need Annapolis and Cape Cod? See the pictures and decide for yourself!

Cape Cod vs. Hello Kitty Tick Tock

Cape Cod is a brighter red than Tick Tock. It has a tiny bit of and orange tint when compared with the true red of Tick Tock.

Cape Cod vs. Sweet Victory Lining

Cape Cod is a deeper red than Sweet Victory’s lining. Sweet Victory is more orange in color.

Cape Cod vs. Lining from Imperial Princess

The red lining of Jujube’s Imperial Princess comes very close to Cape Cod. Imperial Princess is shinier and slightly deeper and not as orange. But it looks pretty close!

Cape Cod vs. Palm Beach

I decided to compare Cape Cod with Palm Beach and because of the orange in Cape Cod, I think it looks pretty good together. I personally wouldn’t match the two together but the blues are the same and tie in together for the warmer weather and make me think of summer!

Annapolis vs. Coastal Collection Bags

If you already own some of the other bags from the Coastal Collection but want to add some smaller bags, here are some pictures to help you decide if you need them.

Providence BRB

Newport Be Prepared

Nantucket Be Classy

Coney Island Be Light

Super Toki Mini Be

Do you like Annapolis and Cape Cod? Will you be picking anything up? These will be available on April 20th on Jujube and other retailers.


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